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(#666) MRI Techniques in Radiology

Handbook of MRI Technique
Second Edition

Reviews MRI Scanning techniques, with a focus on how to optimize image quality and how to examine structures. Includes patient care considerations and positioning and the use of contract agents.

Text included: Handbook of MRI Technique, 2nd edition, by Catherine Westbrook, DCR (an excellent reference guide to use at work).

Westbrook (Training and Education Manager, HealthSouth, UK) and coauthors provide explanations of the most common examinations using magnetic resonance imaging. After a brief review of theoretical and practical concepts such as pulse sequences, flow phenomena and artifacts, gating and respiratory compensation techniques, and patient care and safety, the bulk of the work consists explaining examination procedures for nine examination areas. For each examination area, information is provided on basic anatomy, common indications, equipment, patient positioning, suggested protocol, image optimization, and further reading.

Hours: 12.0

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Book & Exam ($115)

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